Saturday, December 28, 2019

An opponent of Maurice Kamto moves to kill the MRC

The former SDF executive no longer saves his energy when it is necessary to demolish the MRC, part of Maurice Kamto. It is now given the task of doing everything so that this opposition party disappears from the Cameroonian political spectrum. 

Abel Elimbi Lobé attributes the failure of the Cameroonian opposition to Maurice Kamto, which is why he maintains that everything must be done for this party disappears from the scene. Indeed, it is with crude language and on a TV set that the former municipal councilor at the marina of Douala 5e once again mentioned the boycott of the next local elections by the MRC. According to him, this party has brought a "cataclysmic upheaval of mores in politics in Cameroon". He claims to be one of those working to extinguish the MRC, this because of his extremely anti-republican ideological orientations.

In his flights, Elimbi Lobe suggests that Maurice Kamto's party is essentially tribal.  He invites everyone not to look at his directory, because we put in it, he says, people who have no important role to play, just mere extras.  "Just looking at its deployment at the base in 2013, 97% of these elected officials (18/20 in total) are from the west of Bamileke," he said.

The promoter of the Kawtal platform, candidate for the deputation in Wouri-Center, under the banner of the Movement of Cameroonian Ecologists (MEC), is not limited only to the MRC, it also shoots the Democratic Union of Cameroon (UDC ) which it presents as a tribal party, made up entirely of Bamouns and which is deployed on the ground just according to ethnic concentration. Other parties also suffer the wrath of Elimbi Lobe, notably the Movement for the Defense of the Republic (MDR), of Dakolé Daïssala, and The Union of the populations of Cameroon (UPC).