Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ambazonia: unknown men assassinated Ossing chief

The village of Ossing in Manyu is again bereaved. Its regent chief, Mr. Mathias Ako, a retired civil servant, was assassinated by men of the underworld. His body was thrown between Kembong and Mfuni and the photos of what was done to his body are too graphic to be published online.

This unfortunate situation is played out only a few months after the city lost its chief, General James Tataw Tabe-Orock, a man who ensured that soldiers did not enter the city at the start of the southern crisis. Cameroon. 

It is a blow to the city and many hands are on the bridge to bring those responsible for this heinous crime to book. Eyewitnesses indicated that the hitmen are from Kembong, a town about 4 km from Ossing, while the brains of the crime are from Ossing. 

Two scenarios emerged, all showing personal grudges against the regent chief who had just replaced the late chief Tataw. The residents of Ossing are still investigating and allowing government authorities to do their job. 

It should be noted that the head of the regent was not interested in taking on this role, but the people of Ossing had put pressure on him and being a development-oriented person, he conceded; a decision that cost him his life. 

Since the case is still under investigation, the names of the suspects have not been released to allow the authorities to do their work in a neutral manner and the current socio-political situation is disturbing and chaotic, witnesses are not unwilling to speak out.

Various citizens of Ossing said they saw the hitmen take the regent chief away and that he never returned to his native Ossing. They added that it was not the first time that they had removed it. On other occasions, the hitmen had been brought into town because it was alleged that the chief regent had money on him. 

The criminals, who use the current socio-political situation in the country, accused the chief regent of the city of collaborating with government officials, an allegation which proved to be unfounded. 

Some foreigners have suggested that a chiefdom dispute may be at the center of the murder, a point that is being verified. It should be noted, however, that Ossing has established himself as an example of democracy in the entire South West region where there has never been a leadership conflict. 

Ossing is where the main languages ​​of the Manyu division converge. This is why it is generally called a bilingual village because the two main languages ​​are from Ossing. The city is made up of two ethnic groups, the Bayangs and the Ejaghams who came out with a model of government that spared them the scourge of war that devastated the city's neighbors. 

Ossing has a rotating system of governance that allows power to move from one ethnic group to another in a very transparent manner. The late General Tataw was appointed chief by his friends Ejagham and after his death, the Bayang now choose their chief with confidence. The regent chief could not have qualified to be the chief and killing him for such reasons makes no sense to the people of Ossing.

It should also be noted that the military is not responsible for the death of the chief regent and that any suggestion that the government may have targeted the chief regent is rejected by the residents of Ossing who maintain that they know some of the hitmen. 

Investigations continue and the police are chasing those who took the life of a man who simply wanted to maintain his community. 

The people of Ossing are peace-loving people and they have worked very hard to live in peace with their neighbors, especially since many of their relatives come from neighboring villages and cities. However, it is difficult to vouch for all the citizens of a city.