Monday, December 2, 2019

Ambazonia: Joshua Osih gives Biya 5 minutes to have a peace convention

Speaking this morning on ABK radio, the SDF vice president, Joshua Osih, has once again subordinated his party's participation in the two elections next February by the end of the crisis in the North West and South regions. -Where is.

The activists of the party of Ni John Fru Ndi are in a sort of visual navigation, they really do not know if the SDF will go or not in the local elections of 2020. And one wonders well how to succeed to put an end to this war in 2 months before going to elections, as required by the SDF, even though the resolutions of the grand national dialogue have never been implemented. 

Joshua Osih, on the airwaves of ABK, recognizes however that the climate is not favorable to the party of the balance. Moreover, he knows very well that the North West and Southwest regions, considered as two bastions of the SDF, are today uncontrollable. Which technically makes it impossible to hold a fair election. 

In addition to administrative blockages, Oshi also explains that they have experienced a lot of difficulties in reuniting the various candidates, and they are currently unable to mobilize the scrutineers, let alone the voters. But, whoever runs the party in the absence of the Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, traveling abroad, persists and signs, no question of interrupting the electoral process: "We are in the logic of participation in elections. Even if we have to have only one municipal councilor all over the territory, we want to go to the elections, "he says. 

The SDF deputy in the district of Wouri Center says he is ready to help the government to bring peace, so that the elections are actually held on 9 February. "To have a peace treaty, we can take just 5 minutes. So in 5 minutes, a ceasefire can stop a war. Many people do not even know it, "says the parliamentarian.

The crisis continues in the northwestern and southwestern regions, which is why Joshua thinks it is a good opportunity for the people to go to the polls in order to bring a sanction vote to those who do not could solve it. 

As a reminder, the MRC Maurice Kamto has already given his position indicating that he will not go to elections with the dead who are still in the English-speaking regions and with a non-consensual electoral code. 

Cabral Libii, too, continues to harbor doubts about his party's participation. In a statement to the press, the candidate ranked 3rd in the 2018 presidential election, behind Maurice Kamto and Paul Biya, asked ELECAM to grant, exceptionally, a 15-day deadline to candidates who could not finish with the constitution of the files. A request that was unfortunately rejected.