Friday, December 13, 2019

Ambazonia: bloody clashes between two English-speaking villages

Horrible scene in Kimbi in the North West Region. Ambazonian fighters from the nearby village of Buabua made a violent incursion in Kimbi following an increase in the flight rate in the locality. Suspecting, a man of being one of the alleged thieves, they came looking for him, killed him and ran away.

Angry, people in Kimbi have reacted badly. The amba boys have drawn the retaliation of Kimbi's men who multiply attacks. 

"They killed one of their comrades suspected of theft and set fire to houses in retaliation for Amba's attack. The community of Kimbi did not pursue the Ambazonians ... They attacked the innocent villagers, "said an unnamed source.

"About 6 men are currently suffering serious injuries and cuts and about 8 houses have been burned," the source added. Following the incident in Boyo prefecture, many complain of increasing insecurity in many parts of English-speaking areas. Several cases of kidnapping for ransom have been recorded as well as death threats against civilians.