Sunday, December 15, 2019

10th legislature: here are the Rdpc deputies who lose their seats

Although they marked the mandate which ends with their achievements or their commitments within their political parties, certain deputies were not reappointed.

The 9th legislature soon returns to the station. It will take with it certain deputies who have nevertheless shone through their actions in parliament or by their activism within their respective political parties. The elected representatives of the Cameroonian People's Democratic Rally (Rdpc) and the Union of the People of Cameroon (Upc) are the main victims. Within the "burning torch party", several political executives will not return for the 10th legislature which begins after the elections of February 09 next. 

In the Center region, Jean Simon Ongola Omgba, in Yaoundé IV, Yves Martin Ahanda Assiga in Yaoundé I, and Luc Koa, in Lekié Est and Rose Nguni Effa from Mefou and Afamba were not renewed by the base of the left. If the former only served one term, the deputy from Lekié, who was also general rapporteur for the finance and budget committee, was in his third. As for Rose Nguini Effa, the vice-president of the Commission for Social, Family and Cultural Affairs has been staying at the glass palace of Ngoa Ekellé since 2002. 

In the Littoral region, the Rdpc has also lost some of its "executives". The case of Gaston Komba, deputy Rdpc of Nkam is undoubtedly the most emblematic. This deputy, among the most constructed and dynamic of the 9th legislature, is at the origin of two major innovations, namely the establishment of exchanges between the government and the Parliament on questions of national interest and themes with strong socio-economic impact. and educational through seminars and fora at the National Assembly.

The president of the Youth Hope Network also shone through his informed interventions in the finance and budget committee. Against all expectations he will not return to the Chamber. His eviction is attributed to a former minister from Nkam who is said to have fired all fire to achieve his ends. 

The ideas and speeches of Gaston Komba will certainly be lacking in the National Assembly as well as those of his neighbor from South Wouri. The co-president of the Assembly of the European Union / Africa, Caribbean and Pacific, Joseph Hyacinthe Owona Kono was rejected by the base of his party. This is also the case for Marlyse Rose Douala Bell, in Wouri Center. In the Eastern region, Brigitte Mebande (Haut Nyong), one of the oldest elected members of the National Assembly, from the Representative Assembly of Cameroon (1946) and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee is out of the race. 

Emmanuel Mbiam, MP for Vallée du Ntem in the South, withdrew. The vice-president of the Commission for Constitutional Laws, Human Rights and Freedoms, Justice and Legislation and Regulations, of the administration declared that he wanted to give young people the chance in accordance with the will of the Party hierarchy. The Rdpc also loses one of its weighty allies. Bapooh Lipot du Nyong and Kelle was dismissed. Reason: Um Nyobe's party presented two lists in the same constituencies.