Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Yaoundé: the suspected assassins of student Cedric Momo arrested

Cedric Momo was beaten, murdered! His Body was found flooting in Mfoundi river

These are in operation at the Commissariat of the 4th district of Nkoldongo. The Essingan Newspaper in Newsstand from Wednesday, November 13 to Thursday, November 14, 2019, states that the alleged assassins of Cedric Momo were arrested on November 8, 2019 by the elements of the police station of the 4th district of Yaoundé, two days after does not find the body of the student in the 7th year of medicine in the bed of the Mfoundi river.

After their arrest, they were taken to the police station of the 4th arrondissement, located in the Nkoldongo district of Yaounde. According to our colleagues, they still stay there. The newspaper headed by Marie Robert Eloundou, said that for now, investigators can not reveal the identity of these alleged killers or their number, because the investigation is still ongoing. All the same, a source contacted by our colleagues reports that the lady who has put the police on the trail of alleged perpetrators of Cedric Momo, is said to be threatened and his children.

Remember that on November 3, Cedric Momo went out with his friends around 23 hours. After a trip to the bars of the neighborhoods Ekounou and Mvog-mbi, his friends seeing him intoxicated, asked him to go home. What he seemed to do on the moment. Except that, as his sister tells. "When Cedric took leave of his friends, he went back. According to the bartender's statements to the investigators of the Nkoldongo police station, Cédric handed the bartender his wallet, his phone saying that he felt followed. The bartender then asked him to sit down and wait for the sunrise, but taking advantage of a moment of inattention, he left, "she told our colleagues in Essingan.

The next morning, a woman from Mvog-atangana Mballa market who knew the family went to her parents' home in Mendong to announce that she saw "two bandits chasing Cedric."  Fearing, she could not scream. She claims, however, to have heard them say that Cédric fell into the waters of the Mfoundi as they ran after him.

Research will be launched and the body of Cedric Momo will be found on Wednesday, November 06, 2019, behind the Ahala High School. To conclude, Cédric's sister reveals that her inert body has been transported to the hospital for further examination. "We realized that he had been badly beaten. He had wounds in his head and intimate parts. We do not know yet whether it is a simple aggression or a settlement of account, "she told our colleagues Essingan newspaper.