Thursday, November 28, 2019

US and Commonwealth maneuver with Kamto to destabilize Cameroon, report says

According to several experts, the president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, agrees with the organization and country of Trump to create the insurgency in Cameroon. The boycott of the legislative and municipal futures is the tree that hides the forest.

This thesis is of more importance by the newspaper Repères, in its issue on newsstands this Wednesday. For the diary of the late Richard Touna, it is simply another incoherence of more and too much. The biweekly takes the moment first. Maurice Kamto announces the boycott, the day of the deadline for applications. 

"With this other missed exit, Maurice Kamto confirms his image of" poor politician whose postures shine by their instability, their incoherence and their inconsistency ". Read in Repères. To support his argument of inconsistency, the newspaper quoted Maurice Kamto as soon as he left prison. We are on October 27 in Yaoundé. The politician announces an effective participation of Mrc in double voting. 


"The Mrc opens its lists in all constituencies and in all regions of the country to civil society, the diaspora, young people, women, people with disabilities, business people, culture, teachers, students, taximen, benskineurs, farmers, house staff ". Written Landmarks. The political offer extends even to those who are not militant of the Mrc, but who share the ideology of the party.

The withdrawal of the Mrc at the last minute, confirms only the versatility of the man, says Repères. "If he is sure of the legitimacy that confers on him the presidential election of October 7, 2018, he must continue the process". Exclaims an expert in the newspaper. Other experts argue that it is a strategy of destabilization of Cameroon. They quote in the newspaper, the support of Maurice Kamto. In particular, the US Under Secretary for External Affairs. 


For Repères, Tibor Nagy, only wants the destabilization of Cameroon. After the overthrow of the Sudanese president, the latter informs that Cameroon is next on the list. The Commonwealth is not left out. The organization is plotting with the United States to destabilize Cameroon. "The withdrawal of the Mrc is then the Trojan horse so use, the Americans and the Commonwealth. Except that this time, these two snakes do not have the only priest Laocon to kill as in mythology. There are therefore many who warn Cameroonians of this possible ruse of Mrc. Hence the difficulty. Concludes the newspaper Repères.