Saturday, November 23, 2019

Urgent: Again Cameroonian soldiers invaded the locality of Ré in Mbiame, engage Amba Fighters in a gun battle

The people of the locality of Ré in Mbiame are all currently hiding in the bushes, seeking safety as some men of the Cameroun military have unleashed war on them, looking for Ambazonia fighters to kill. 

Witnesses recount the scene, said about 4 am on Saturday morning the Cameroonian military forces invaded their village, engaged Ambazonian fighters in serious gun battle as the whole village deserted.

Meanwhile, the Mbiame inhabitants have raised alarm over the 'unlawful' Arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and torture they get from both the military and Amba Fighters.

According to CNA, One resident reported that some soldiers told them that they (Cameroonian soldiers) will do to them exactly what Ambazonian fighters are doing. As such they have also resulted into aduction and demanding for payment (ransom) before releasing anyone.