Friday, November 29, 2019

University of Douala: students highly subjected to insecurity

Courses at the University of Douala are becoming more difficult for students. For good reason, they have for some time been victims of stabbings after dark. Assaults that have become mostly recurrent in and around the campus (1 and 2). It's in the middle of the evening, around 8 pm, that the attackers, nicknamed "microbes" do their dirty work in the amphitheatres, according to students enrolled in the accounting and finance, law and communication.

A private law student tells. "A band of about ten members, nicknamed" microbes "assaulted the students in full course. Some were injured. My attackers left with valuables and money. 

Security measures are nevertheless taken by the campus security team ... 

However, the campus security team made every effort to put an end to these acts, as recommended by the hierarchy. "We have received instructions such as the ban on the sale of fish on campus; the circulation of mototaxis and vehicles from 19h on the campus and the effective presence of security agents in front of all the different entrances of the two campuses ", informs Raphael Monkam, head of the security agents of the University of Douala.

... Without much result 

Measures that could not eradicate the phenomenon. The trick of "Microbes", go through the walls of the University called Nelson Mandela. "A few days ago, students in Level III Communication were assaulted around 21h, in full campus 1 at a place called" Mount of Olives ". Offenders climbed the walls of the university on the side of the Nelson Mandela Sports Complex, in order to operate, "said Ludo Mvando, a student. 

"A group of 30 young people had surrounded them by threatening with daggers, handing over their belongings. And one of them was actually stabbed in the arm because he was trying to resist them, "he says. This is to say that the phenomenon of insecurity in Douala is real especially with this group called microbes, "says another student Steve Mokaté, also delegate students in Accounting and Finance Level II, victim him and his comrades assaults.