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Saturday, November 9, 2019

UNICEF accuses secessionists of being the creators of crimes and abuses

In its report of November 5, UNICEF takes the US to the wrong way. The country led by Donald Trump recently accused Cameroon of being guilty of violating human rights.

The Triweekly Anecdote in its issue number 1056 published on November 7, reports that UNICEF accuses secessionists of perpetrating crimes in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. "The English-speaking regions of Cameroon, once the best places for education in the whole country, are facing a permanent policy of non-schooling by non-state armed groups," reads in this extract of the report of November 5, 2019, taken by our colleague. 

Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga's newspaper goes on to say that according to the United Nations Children's Fund, In the past three years, at least 70 schools have been destroyed and students and teachers kidnapped: "A very real fear violence also prevents parents from sending their children to school, teachers and staff come to school. Thousands of children in Cameroon live in fear. They need peace to be able to go back to school and recover their future. "

This report notes that since the beginning of the year, 529 incidents have occurred in the Northwest and Southwest regions. The secessionists took several members of several NGOs hostage and committed several extortions. According to our colleague, crime is much more prevalent in the Northwest region in recent times. 

This UNICEF report, against all odds, exonerates Cameroon against the accusations of Donald Trump who "made him guilty of human rights violations".