Monday, November 25, 2019

The Rdpc now has its own opposition

The ruling party is now moving with opposing sides on the choice of candidates to invest.

Even though national president Paul Biya has given directives, the climate within the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc) seems deleterious. The party lives to the rhythm of internal wars at a time when political parties are preparing the legislative and municipal elections of 2020. The current situation should not exist, says some activists, if everyone sticks to the instructions of the national president in relation to the said elections. However the fact made by the Rdpcistes is such that the leaders seem to do as their own. 

Professor Charles Messanga Nyamding said on Sunday, November 24, 2019, on the set of the debate program "Right of reply". He said that the gender balance ordered by President Paul Biya for the configuration of the lists is not respected. Just as the place to give to young people. This militant of the Rdpc declared that it is voluntarily that the instructions of the president are not respected by people, who consider that he is old. And that they must take power. 

The bourgeoisie of the Rdpc 

According to some activists of the party in power, there is a certain class of bourgeois within the Rdpc. This class has existed for 34 years. These bourgeois are the barons of the party. They are present in every constituency and every election. And young people who are asked to grant places in the lists to present for the legislative and municipal, constitute the electoral base. They serve the party barons.

Investiture Investiture is a problem in almost every electoral district of the party. In Mfoundi, for example, divergent sounds were noted. Our colleague Essingan reported "maneuvers to remove Nga Koumda on the green carpet". The popular treasurer of the Rdpc section of Mfoundi II, led by a massive rally of his party mates, has a direct challenger Paul Eric Djomgoue, a businessman with a reputation for sulfur and outgoing MP, whose dubbing by the elite Mfoundi is running the risk of implosion of the base. 

In Adamawa, the newspaper Le Messager speaks of "Grogne". Dismissed from decision-making positions for the benefit of the bedridden, the sons and daughters of the region Castle of Cameroon, demand the rejuvenation at the top of the party.