Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sam Sévérin Ango promises terrible revelations today at the Arena

After the strong news of Ebolowa where he saw his meeting be banned by the administrative authorities and his comrades from the MRC from other cities be banned from entering the city, the journalist converted into a politician will explain this Sunday from 20:30 to Canal 2 international in the show the arena.

He plans to return: 

- On his choice to campaign for the MRC. 

- His candidacy on behalf of the MRC for next legislative elections in Ebolowa. 

- His relations with other politicians and especially the political hawks of the South. 

- The names of ministers from the South who have maneuvered in the shadows so that he does not hold his rally.

- His reading of the rise of tribalism and the attitude of the young Ebolowa a few days ago...

And many other hot topics. 

Sam Séverin Ango will be opposed in the duel to his brother of the South Daniel Claude Abate, activist of the CPDM ruling party and president of MECAM. 

It looks interesting!