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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Saint Eloi Bidoung rebels against the reaction of the DPRK and the attitude of Biloa

The politician, elected CPDM, is not delighted after the hasty departure of his comrade party of the plateau of Equinoxe Soir November 5, 2019 "by order of the hierarchy of the CPDM". Saint Eloi Bidoung who condemns this defection of Edmond Biloa said to be "against this attitude," noted Médiatude.

This Wednesday, November 6 on the set of Serge Alain Ottou, the first deputy mayor of the town of Yaounde 6 reacted to the precipitous departure of the vice rector of the University of Yaounde 2 of the plateau of Equinoxe Soir after a summation of his hierarchy . He says he's surprised. "Who can ask me to do it? Wondered the CPDM activist while the presenter wants to know, if like his comrade, he would finish the program of this Wednesday. 

"I am against this attitude. I once found myself in a TV that was as ideologically marked as yours, I came for a show, I think it was March 24, and I was informed that the party hierarchy had asked that I not do not be called on the set. I was not on the set yet, he could afford it. Explained at first Saint Eloi Bidoung.

The politician believes that if he was in the situation of Edmond Biloa he would not have yielded. "But who could at this moment ask me to leave the Equinoxe Soir plateau? In whose name and in whose name? Anyway I am an activist of the CPDM if more it took a mandate to speak on your set I think I would not have come. "Reacted the first deputy mayor of the town of Yaounde 6. 

As a reminder, Tuesday, November 5, 2019, while the vice rector of the University of Yaoundé 2 participated quietly in the debate of Equinoxe Soir, he was summoned by his hierarchy to leave the plateau of the blue chain of Douala. The communication hierarchy of the CPDM would not have liked the newspaper of 20h held by Cédrick Noufele on November 05, reports Equinoxe Tv. The channel presented a report on "cadres and activists of the CPDM, who graze a string of problems that undermine the north of Cameroon under the indifferent eye of the CPDM elites "What has the least bothered the presenter of the premium information on the blue chain of Douala, Serge Alain Ottou.

Source: Mediatude