Friday, November 22, 2019

Opinion: Emmanuel Macron's surprise confidences about Paul Biya and his age

Since coming to power in France in 2017, Emmanuel Macron has met Paul Biya twice. The first time was on the occasion of the summit on AIDS in Lyon in October and the second time during the conference on peace in Paris in November. But Emmanuel never granted an official visit to Paul Biya at the Elysee unlike his predecessors. Because, for Macron, Biya is a man of the past.

Indeed to his entourage, Emmanuel Macron confided: "Paul Biya has the age of his arteries. It is actually his entourage who commands the ship ". A way for the French president to emphasize that Paul Biya is old and no longer runs Cameroon. Referring to his entourage, he is referring mainly to Chantal Biya, his wife and the current Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. 

However Emmanuel Macron is very concerned about the situation of Cameroon. According to him: "Cameroon is currently the theater of a game of interest between France and the USA". France has a very negative view of American interventionism, particularly through its ambassador in Cameroon and the activities of US senators. For Macron, the US wants Cameroon's secession outright in order to extend its influence over the English-speaking region (oil), hence the need for France to insist on decentralization so that trade and economic partnerships can always pass through the region. Central State. 

Macron is aware that the diet is extremely feverish at the moment and for him it is very delicate. He would have preferred a bloody dictatorship to a febrile diet because we do not know when it can rock. And what will happen. He recognizes the place of the Cameroonian diaspora in France which according to him is: "one of the most numerous but also the least structured".

Emmanuel Macron entrusted Cameroon with his foreign affairs minister, Jean Yves Le Drian who was recently in Yaoundé. In fact, Macron passed the Cameroon file to Jean Yves Ledrian. On the instructions of Emmanuel Macron, it is Le Drian who led the pressure for the release of political prisoners and more particularly Maurice Kamto. 

However, there is in Emmanuel Macron's entourage a lot of distrust of Ledrian, who is in fact the one who keeps Biya in office. According to the Elysee boss's family, he would represent Françafrique in all its horror. 

Macron follows Cameroon's situation very closely. He regularly receives notes from his relatives and advisers. For him the situation in Cameroon is currently very difficult. To one of his friends he recently confided: "When will you finally avoid tackling complicated and difficult subjects?"

Reporter: Boris Bertolt