Sunday, November 24, 2019

Occultism in the CPDM: Messanga Nyamnding called out the 'Freemasons'

The member of the central committee of the CPDM attacked the minister Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe among whom he attributed the appointment to the head of a commission to belong to this philosophical trend.

Professor Pascal Messanga Nyamnding has after the choices of the management of the CPDM in relation to the leaders of the commissions in charge of the nomination of candidates for elections next February. The "Biyaist" academic is offended by the fact that most of them (90% according to him) are chosen ministers to the detriment of the members of the central committee of the CPDM. And what ministers! "Freemasons," exclaims the teacher of IRIC on November 22, 2019 on Radio Balafon, famous antenna of the city of Douala. "The Freemasons have taken everything. Look at the configuration of regional delegations. There are only Freemasons. It's serious ! I said it before. There are only p ... To say that it is serious! I laugh, "he continues, not without indexing the Minister of Transport. 

"Look at Ngalle Bibehe. Ngalle entered the party when? Does Ngalle know the politics? It is Ngalle who is regional because he is a Freemason. Because he is the boss of all the freemasons in the world. Go see this commission. It is Etame Massoma who is sitting, Freemason! For Professor Messanga Nyamnding the CPDM faces a "sectarian, destructive and invasive masquerade". Hervé Emmanuel Nkom, who also heads an investiture commission in Douala, does not escape his wrath. "Hervé is lucky enough to be a Freemason to the point where even though I recognize that he is one of the greatest renovators in the party on my side he is a Freemason".

The international relations specialist states that "Freemasons want to take power." Convinced that those he points out are not convinced militants, he wonders if there are no freemasons in the party. "People like Ngalle Bibehe, it's his brother Alphonse Bibehe that we knew as militant," he illustrates.