Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Not active in a while, Beti Assomo announced seriously sick!

Beti Assomo, Defense Minister has denied his state of health

It's been weeks since Beti Assomo is missing from the screens. According to information received at CameroonWeb, the Cameroonian Minister of Defense would be in a very bad situation. The news has circumnavigated the web but the MINDEF speaks rumors and false information disclosed by the media.

"It should be noted that the day of 25 September 2019 falls on a Wednesday." Unless the author of this article is only one of the common members of the common Cameroonian.  Targets the image of a servant of the state, even to undermine the morality of the united states of the triangle, "says MINDEF's statement.

Indeed, Beti Assomo had suffered a slight and temporary hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), but it was a lot of time, but it was however "September 25, 2018, at the end of a ceremony at the headquarters brigade, notes the statement.

According to the minister 's communication department, this publication is only the proof of a "detractors of the Republic" campaign, which attacks at the same time the symbols of the State and those who represent it.

Source: Cameroonweb.com