Saturday, November 30, 2019

Ngallé Bibéhè over the fall of Paul Biya in the Littoral

Arbitrary in the choice of candidates of the ruling party, all-out provocation of the militants, characterized arrogance, the chairman of the regional commission of supervision of the investitures of the party of Paul Biya in the Littoral acts like an infiltrated opponent.

And if the enemy was in the house! In the Littoral, many are the militants of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian people (Rdpc) who are not any more to ask the question. The actions of Ngallé Bibéhè defy political good sense. In Pouma, Edéa, Douala, Moungo and in the Nkam activists are black with anger. "Anyone who cares about victory puts the odds on his side. In the Littoral, it is not so! Obviously, the sieur. Ngallé acts as a traitor. It favors the rise of the unpopular while increasing each day a little more anger activists. This man prepares the defeat of the party of Paul Biya", denounces David Epassi, member of the Rdpc of Wouri. Indeed, the attitude of the president of the regional commission for the supervision of investitures is curious to say the least. First, he deticates, with satanic bad faith, the tremendous work of the various communal commissions. Then, the former head of the Cameroonian Society of Urban Transport (Socatur) creates and maintains a sling that is as useless as it is bad for the interest of the party in power with the elites of the region, especially the Sanaga Maritime. Department from which he originates. However, his status as president assigns him rather a rallying role. Las, the one who is also Minister of Transport is a regular and DIY and tampering and blows. His low maneuvers at Camair-co, where he is Pca, speak volumes about his true nature. Finally, to top off his undermining, Mr. Ngallé Bibéhè used tricks to get a list full of broken arms and adventurers. To the chagrin of the vast majority of activists of the Rdpc. 

Boycott. While the demobilization gains the ranks of the Rdpc in the Littoral and that this could result in a loss of ground, even a defeat, to the municipal of February 09, 2020, the president of the regional commission of supervision of the investitures does not do anything to arrange things. On the contrary, and to the surprise of all, he repeated his bravado. Person without political base known in the region, without service, hated even in his own village, Ngallé Bibehé is taken, because of a circumstantial appointment or a parachute as the secretary general of the central committee of the ruling party. It looks like the story of the frog who thought he was an ox. Ridiculous!

"Over the municipal, the Rdpc will have conquered and consolidated its position as the first political force in the Littoral despite a difficult and complex environment. And if ever this acquis was to be lost or diminished, Mr. Ngallé will bear sole responsibility, "warns Roger Oum, activist of the party of Paul Biya in Douala. 

In the Sanaga Maritime, the militants of the party of the flame regret more than ever Louis Bapès Bapès. This great man who had the art to gather all the department behind Paul Biya, and to maintain the cohesion between comrades. Qualities that Mr. Ngallé does not have (which confuses the management of the Rdpc with the management of the Socatur). Like what, is not great who wants, but who can!

Source: Information N ° 652