Friday, November 15, 2019

Nathalie Koah case: Eto'o does not want to 'create another controversy'

During a river interview entitled "Samuel Eto'o without veto", simultaneously broadcast on the antennas of 4 national televisions, the former goleador returned to the biggest scandal of his career: his extramarital affair with the so-called Nathalie Koah.

Throughout his career, Samuel Eto'o has always presented himself as an honest and fair man, who is not afraid to take blows to bring out the truth. The Cameroonian goleador always said what he thought, even if sometimes his statements were associated with arrogance and megalomania. These cardinal principles that have always guided his career, Samuel Eto'o yet trampled on them as it occurred in 2014, one of the biggest scandal of his career: his extramarital affair with Nathalie Nkoah. Usually very pro-active to defend his honor, the quadruple African gold ball has never deigned to express itself on this subject. Even when his former companion meticulously described his sexual preferences in the book "Revenge Porn", he remained unperturbed.

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National and even international opinion has long speculated on the reasons for its silence. But today we know why he chose the law of omerta. This Thursday, November 14, 2019, in a special show entitled "Eto'o sans VĂ©to" broadcast on the antennas of Vision 4 television, CRTV, STV and Canal 2 international, he returned to this case. "I never talk about this story and I would not do it today. It's a dark story of my past. Many people have been hurt by this story. First my family, my wife, my eldest daughter who was old enough to understand some things. I do not go into the game of knowing who was wrong or right, it's open endless debates. These are things that no longer exist in my life and that will not come back in my life. 

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To believe the latter, if he has remained silent so far, it is to protect his wife Georgette Eto'o who was very affected by this story. "If I enter what is true or false, you will be greatly surprised. But my goal is not to create a new controversy. I decided to protect the one I really hurt who was my wife and that's what I continue to do. Because he is the most important person. Those who must know the truth, know it. It has been presented in many forms, I respect that. But justice has read the law. I tried to protect my wife as much as I could. What I did not manage to do before. It is the most important. I no longer open wounds that have healed, "he concluded.