Monday, November 25, 2019

Messanga Nyamding discredits the 'sectarian mafia' surrounding Biya

The national coordinator of the movement of Biyaists think that the country can easily switch into a civil war caused by some caciques of the regime.

During the show Right of Response yesterday (Equinoxe TV), we saw a Messanga Nyamding get into a mess. We have rarely seen this college teacher so angry. And for good reason, the investiture crisis in the CPDM, in view of the double ballot in February 2020. 

Messanga Nyamding thinks then that a "mafia sectarian" has made his bed in the party of flames, goal: to bring down President Paul Biya. "These messy people in the CPDM are the DGs and the ministers of the president for the most part," said the lawyer-political scientist.

Before starting to completely lose his nerves: "The CPDM, and some members of the government give the impression that it is this party that will bring the civil war in Cameroon. 

Messanga Nyamding, who is also the vice president of the communal commission of investitures in the Nkam, in Yabassi, accuses Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi of having changed the lists resulting from the consensus. "It's time for the president to take things in hand, many have nothing to do in party," says the biyaist and militant of the first hour, he says total more than 30 years of loyalty and loyalty to his political master, President Paul Biya.