Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Legislative 2020: Paul Biya building his own opposition

CPDM's central committee is inundated with requests. Which contest the nominations of the candidates in the legislative and municipal elections. With threats to vote sanctions against party candidates selected to forceps or join the opposition parties.

Rififi within the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (CPDM). The application of the directives of the National President's Circular Letter are not respected. And we wonder. From a mass party at the end of the baptismal font 34 years ago, the CPDM created, within the governing apparatus, an elite that became gentrified over the years. They are now called party barons. They are found in all constituencies and elections. The young people who constitute the electoral base are confined to inaugurating the political chrysanthemums of this insatiable village elite. 

And, in the field of investiture action, things seem to be going in all directions. Prescriptions in the Mfoundi: Essingan speaks of "maneuvers to remove Nga Koumda on the green carpet". The popular treasurer of the Rdpc section of Mfoundi II, led by a massive rally of his party mates, has a direct challenger Paul Eric Djomgoue, a businessman with a reputation for sulfur and outgoing MP, whose dubbing by the elite Mfoundi is running the risk of implosion of the base.

The daily Le Messager talks about "Grogne at Rdpc in Adamaoua". Dismissed from decision-making positions for the benefit of the bedridden, the sons and daughters of the region Castle of Cameroon, demand the rejuvenation at the top of the party. 

This grumbling of a strong amplitude of the base militants is perceptible in all bastions of the party. In Ndikinimeki, Mbam and Inoubou, central region, the chairman of the commission trampled the provisions of the circular of the CPDM National President Paul Biya. And for good reason, the non-respect of the quotas of the different zones constituting the Commune namely: Urban Ndikinimeki seven (07) seats; Ndikinimeki Nekond six (06) seats, Etoundou four (04) seats; Ndokohok four seats (04); Inoubou-Sud four (04) seats and Ndikoko three (03) seats. In Yaoundé it is reported that the militants found a consensus, in the night "Magloire Fouda has trafficked without the knowledge of the Chief of Mission CPDM Mfound i: Tsimi EVOUNA" Consequence, activists threaten to join the MRC. Even the city of Sangmelima, chief town of the Dja and Lobo, granite base of the Rdpc is affected by the shaking of the protest. The outgoing mayor, André ESSIAN "said on the radio FM radio this morning, he will support an opposition political party" In the coastal region, it is hoped "Strongly that the Central Committee corrects any this nepotism, this favoritism, ... to give again to the lists DPRK in the four departments (Wouri, Moungo, Nkam and SanagaMaritime) of the Littoral a credibility with new blood of the most credible men "Concludes the Sentinel newspaper.

Source: National Herald No. 260