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Monday, November 4, 2019

Jean de Dieu Momo again violently fired Maurice Kamto

'He wants to use the Mrc as a door Char of his hatred gombotic'

Jean De Dieu Momo, Minister Delegate for Minjustice, describes Maurice Kamto as a "Pastor-Opposant".  Paddec bosses continues his companion denigration by presenting the leader of the MRC as an instigator of hatred.

Here is his text

Dion!  to go whilling elsewhere.  When he was crunching the one billion fees and serving the same regime while I was in opposition, no one heard him mouthing his mouth full.  Here is a guy who has been fed in the maternal breast of the diet whose cocks he now bites.

If his coffers dried up following the death of his mentor it is not the fault of Cameroon.  Frankly when people have money they settle in the hotel in Paris and chew everything and when it's over they suddenly become pastor-Opposant.  What is that?  I even see one that he says he is at the Paris Bar when he is not there and does not have a cabinet.  Neither Lawyer nor Pastor but public bluffer, who am I?

In mourning, everyone mourns his family and is believed to be sympathetic to the dead.  The Bible gives examples of these rascals who have squandered their inheritance and become embittered.  He wants to use the Mrc as the door Char of his hatred gombotic.  Fortunately, bad faith always dies of its own stupidity.

Go blow your nose elsewhere.  MBAP.  My caravan passes its merry way.  Do not displease him.

 # Fo'o Dzakeutonpou