Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Etoudi: Between Chantal Biya and Grace Mugabe

The first Cameroonian lady and the former Zimbabwean first have a lot of things in common and are displayed publicly in the same way. Apart from their excessive taste for luxury, they are two wives of elderly, physically weak heads of state; they are also the second wives of their husbands after the death of their first wives. Grace had a 41-year age gap with Mugabe and Paul Biya is 38-year-old Chantal Elder.

They would have an aura that stinks of sufficiency, the seizure of the power of their husbands, the stranglehold on major state decisions as many analysts believe. Of course, the same destiny connects them. Prof. Franklin Nyamsi has no doubt about it, "Chantal Biya will finish like Grace Mugabe. " 

In recent times, 'the mother of the Republic' is interfering "dangerously" in the state affairs of her 'husband, President Biya', not only nationally but also internationally. Her presence as the only first lady at the CEMAC summit shows all the supremacy she won at Etoudi. If the pan-African newspaper JeuneAfrique calls it "the President of the Cameroonian Republic", then it is not fortuitous. She has taken power and likes to show it to the world now, it is she who heads Cameroon and Paul Biya is a figure on the state chessboard. 

"At the CEMAC summit, Chantal Biya is the only first lady who has taken the place of heads of state. She is improvised as de facto Vice President of Cameroon. She puts herself in the posture of queen, let's look at her armchair, the royal aspect that shows her supremacy, she does not take care of her husband anymore. Paul Biya is only pushed towards natural death, "says Prof. Franklin Nyamsi.

And the end of Grace Mugabe is not very happy. The madness of power has risen to a point at the head of the former Zimbabwean first lady. Her decisions are indisputable, as president of the Women's League, she imposed the appointments of ministers, the dismissals of Vice-Presidents and others as Chantal Biya who makes the rain and the good weather in Etoudi. It commands everyone and is surrounded by the Secretary General of the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and DCC Samuel Ayolo to better control the state apparatus, says Prof. Franklin Nyamsi. 

In view of the failure in the management of the country, army men who were fed up with "gestures and words humiliating Grace Mugabe", have constituted a front and quietly overthrowing the Mugabe regime. Cameroon is not far from this scenario, recognizes Professor Nyamsi with the deterioration of the current socio-political situation of the country. "Chantal Biya is coming to the Mugabe Grace of Cameroon and that's the way she will end," he concludes. Period.