Monday, November 25, 2019

Elections 2020: Paul Biya's chief of staff involved in a big problem

Minister Dcc, accused of violating the instructions of the leader of the Rdpc, is violently attacked by a young Dja and Lobo, who also accuses him of surrendering the head of state to the vengeful hordes of the Netherlands.

It is a document that circulates widely, since the weekend, on social networks and in several newsrooms. Signed by Séverin Mbita Medouane, a native of Cameroon, as the former ambassador of Cameroon to Gabon in France, from the department of Dja and Lobo, this is a spicy letter, addressed to the director of the civil cabinet (Dcc) of the presidency of the Republic, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, after what the author presents as "the scandal of investitures Rdpc" in the legislative and municipal February, 2020 in Sangmélima. "In spite of the will of the base, you decided to make validate, by the Central Committee and in disregard of the circular of the national president, the list of André Noël Essiane to the detriment of that, consensual, led by Lopez Bekono and transmitted by the Regional Investiture Commission, "sighs Mbita Medouane. 

The Dcc, in the wake, is accused of having substituted the list of candidates for legislative, transmitted by the Regional Commission, the names of Marie Thérèse Nnama and Mbe Mendomo "by the dark Mathurin Bindoua, the henchman (from Dcc) in charge of his real estate acquisitions in Sangmélima, and Mrs. Bisso ". Séverin Mbita Medouane is responsible for his "Dearest Elder Samuel Mvondo Ayolo", "what could now happen politically unfortunate in Sangmélima". A locality where, he argues, no one has ever seen him wet the jersey on behalf of the ruling party. Mocked for his shaky militancy, the Dcc is also seen as an opportunist, a "neo taliban", a "political mercenary in the service of Evil". 

A personality who, throughout his career as a diplomat, has never achieved anything for the benefit of the community and who, later on, discovers a soul of "wreath-maker", seeking to place his men at the head of the Mayor of Sangmelima against the will of the militant base.

Limousines used. And the bitterness of the "militant base of the Rdpc" does not stop at this level. He accuses the Dcc of betraying - nothing less - Paul Biya, a man who gave him everything, just because he considers him old and wants to protect his mafia network ". In his unpacking all-out, the author of the open letter recalls - info or intox? - that the ambassador Mvondo Ayolo, of the time when he officiated in Gabon, regularly proceeded to undue levies of the tax receipts. That he also, at the head of the diplomatic representation of Cameroon in Paris, made several misappropriations of funds. "Here are just a few recent facts, which prove to be enough of your cynical approach to the Head of State," continues Séverin Mbita Medouane. Which points to what he considers to be the bad organization of Paul Biya's last visit to Paris. Here, the Dcc is singled out for having changed, in defiance of the security of the President of the Republic and without warning the French security services, the hotel Crillon, where was to house the head of state for the Hotel Meurice, where the thugs of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (Bas) found him to commit acts of vandalism and denigration against the presidential couple and his delegation. Last, but not least, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, says his defiant would, at the time his country cruelly lacks money, had seven used limousines bought, at the price of nine, for the transport of heads of state to the country. occasion of the extraordinary summit of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC), 

Not to mention the hiring of the freighter, which brought them to Yaoundé, whereas the Hercules planes of the army, he notes, were ready to ensure this transport. These mafia acts, adds Mr. Mbita Medouane, allowed their author to raise even more money for his multiple investments, already valued at tens of billions in just two years of Dcc function. "Why do not you stop at this activity? Asked the author of the burnt. Do you have to go and destroy the Rdpc in the South, and mainly in Sangmélima? "In conclusion, the very quick opponent asks the Minister-Dcc to leave the party in power, which has never needed his services, flourish in the department of Dja and Lobo. To abstain, henceforth, from any interference in the life of the Rdpc who does not recognize him as one of his militants.