Saturday, November 30, 2019

Elections 2020: Paul Biya dumped in the towel!

According to credible sources, a reform of the electoral code could be submitted to the National Assembly in the coming days. This legislative evolution which nothing filters out contours could explain the exits of Cabral Libii and Joshua Osih today. History not to leave the exclusivity of the political benefit of this occurrence to the Mrc Renaissance who played very big not filing the applications for the double poll of 9 February. The party of President Biya's challenger to the last presidential election called for a boycott of the polls, stirring up the anger of those who had not heard enough about his leader out of prison last October. Neither the statements of his ally Christian Penda Ekoka 2 weeks ago in "The Truth Across"

In front of his supporters, who came to his home when he was released from prison on October 5, 2019, Mr. Kamto had had these significant words: "How can we stop the resistance when the reasons that prompted us are still all valid? " The reaction of the Rdpc as much as the government had been quite violent. While Sg Jean Nkuete and Mincom René Sadi accused him of threatening civil peace, the administrative authorities had taken all sorts of measures and maneuvers to prevent his activists and leaders from carrying out their political activities in Ebolowa as well in Yaounde or Douala. Worse, on the occasion of the constitution of the files of candidatures,

In a kind of perfect lure, Mr. Kamto who announced as soon as he left prison that his party would participate in the elections, waited for the very last day of legal closing of the deposit of applications to announce the withdrawal of his party. An announcement that coincided with the beginning the day after a multi-party mission AU / OIF / Commonwealth in Cameroon with the aim "to assist this member country to solve the political and security problems" that last. At the same time, a mission from the European Commission was coming to our walls in Yaounde, whose parliament had urged Cameroon last April to reform the electoral system before any new election.