Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Elections 2020: Paul Biya has set himself up

In our previous editorial, we wrote that an election is played and won before, during and after.  We then called all the actors involved to work, each in his own eyes, to the smooth conduct of the next elections.  In this wake, the failures of certain state clerks, in the name of a party to the party in power, do not participate in the desired virtuous dynamic. Moreover, they serve the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc) nor the Cameroonian Democracy. From here we can already imagine the volume of cases that will be submitted to pre-election litigation. The Constitutional Council and the competent courts, which will certainly be seized, will have much to do to correct the situation.

One litigation, another. Within the Rdpc, ultra dominant party in the municipal councils and the Parliament, the test of selection of the candidates turns to melodrama. Anger rises in almost all constituencies where the presidential party will present lists of candidates. 

The (deliberately?) Vague character of certain selection criteria, the refusal of retirement by many of the barons of this political party, the appointment of senior party officials in their own bastions to play the referees, while common sense required  Neutral people, the troubled game of certain personalities who were supposed to be impartial arbitrators, ended up taking away the sincerity of the operation framed by the national president's circular.

 In most cases, the hot potato is sent back to the central nomination committee, which will have to refer, in the case of the most difficult cases, to the classmate, Paul Biya. In the past, it is said that some candidates were drafted on very high instructions from the national president of the Rdpc.  What will it be this time?

That said, in his circular concerning the investiture operations of the candidates of the Rdpc in view of the elections of February 9, 2020, Paul Biya writes: "in order to tie the party to the demographic and sociological evolutions of our country, it is strongly recommended that  encourage the emergence of new figures, particularly in the case of candidates benefiting from the parliamentary pension. It would be a pity if the national chairman of the Rdpc did not follow this logic which enshrines the circulation of competencies and the passage of witness between the generations. Any interpretation of variable geometry or researcher head will give grist to the many supporters of the thesis that Cameroon is a gerontocracy.

Already, in his position as head of state, Paul Biya has still not given content to the promise made to young people in his oath taking on November 6, 2018. "Now addressing my young compatriots,  I would like to say to you not to lose hope, I understood your deep desire for changes that open the doors of the future and allow you to fully develop. I have also understood your desire to participate better in the decisions that affect the future of our country. I will take it into account bearing in mind that the Cameroon of tomorrow will be with you, "declared the President of the Republic.

Coupled with this declaration, the implementation of the provision of the presidential circular that paves the way for the parliamentary retirement of some caciques is particularly scrutinized. Any backpedaling will be appreciated to its true extent.

Source: Mutations