Monday, November 11, 2019

Douala: a businessman get robbed of 75 million

The scene occurred after its release from the bank

The incredible scene, took place yesterday morning of November 06, 2019, in the New Bell district in Douala (economic capital of Cameroon), at a place called Evangelical College.

A man recognized as an economic operator, entered a bank in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon, to make a major cash withdrawal.  According to our information, the businessman has withdrawn the penny sum of 75 million francs he loaded into two bags, before going back in his car.

Witnesses of the scene say that it was at the moment when the armed man, unidentified robbers, arrived on board two motorcycles, and summoned the businessman, s' Stop.  In vain.  Thus, according to the witnesses who lived on the scene, they shot at the wheels of the car, which saw them deflate and forced the businessman to stop.  This is how the economic operator is connected with the money.  Sources say that the two bags were full, and that the total sum of money taken by the robbers, would be 75 million CFA francs.

Gendarmes and police arrived at the scene of the robbery and opened an investigation.  Even if the victim does not wish to reveal the amount of the jackpot robbers, sources speak of a tidy sum of 75 million francs CFA.

 Insecurity is back in Douala.