Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Destabilization of Cameroon: the troubled game of Tibor Hagy on the high light

It is becoming increasingly clear that the American diplomat is reaffirming his support for the secessionists. It was during a secret meeting held at Sam Rayburn Hall of the US Congress in Washington, with some Ambazonian leaders.

Real threat or simple booster to confirm the plan put in place to destabilize Cameroon? The distinction is today difficult to do with the low maneuvers that now uses the US under-secretary for African affairs. Tibor Nagy has now dropped the mask by supporting the horde of dehumanized terrorists in the North West and South West regions. 

He confirmed that support last Tuesday during a secret meeting held after his presentation to the House of Representatives, where he reassured everyone about the United States' commitment to finding lasting solutions to the problem. crisis that has raged for more than 3 years in the Noso, because for the Africa Man of Donald Trump, the Great National Dialogue organized in Yaounde by the President of the Republic was simply a failure. 

Would it be at this level that the American president would have voluntarily omitted, as indicated by the spokesman of the Cameroonian government in a press release made public on 18 November, on the suspension of Cameroon from Agoa, to make "the slightest allusion, not to mention condemnation, to the innumerable and unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by armed gangs of secessionists in the Northwest and Southwest, against both our forces and innocent people, even though that many image and video banks are constantly testifying, especially in the media and social networks "? Do not make us say it. 

If not how to understand that in less than a month after the announcement of the suspension of the Cameroon of Agoa, that the pressures of the United States on the Cameroonian government become more and more intense? Tibor Nagy was even reassuring about the victory of the secessionists, explaining that the people around President Paul Biya and make him shine a military victory are wrong, because according to him, there will be no military victory in the Noso.

This is certainly the reason why he ostensibly asked the government to engage in real negotiations with the secessionist forces, including a solution that satisfies the English-speaking moderates, not to mention implicitly threatening support for secession. 

For the record, this Tibor Nagy we saw in the company of secessionists last week is not his first out against the regime of Etoudi. It will be remembered that following the fall of former Sudanese President Omar Bashir, Tibor Nagy made it clear that the next on the list would be President Paul Biya. 

So it is not in a fortuitous way that the US Under-Secretary of State persists in the Etoudi regime. And this with the firm intention of ensuring that his lobby takes control of the natural wealth of the Cameroonian subsoil. And if the plot against Paul Biya happened there ...

Source: Cameroonactuel.com