Saturday, November 23, 2019

CPDM activists in Mfundi besiege the house of Magloire Fouda

The CPMR's dissatisfied militants section Mfundi reportedly found a consensus yesterday with the party hierarchy. However, according to a dispatch from whistleblower Boris Bertolt, Deputy Prime Minister Magloire Fouda reportedly fraudulently turned the tide without the knowledge of CPDM Mfoundi Chief of Mission Tsimi EVOUNA.

According to the same source, CPDM activists threaten to join the MRC. 

In the note addressed to the president of the party which is none other than the president of the republic Paul Biya, the slingers threaten to leave the ship if the president does not meet their expectations.

"Faithful to the values ​​and ideals you have always been able to instil in our great Party, we find ourselves in the obligation to return the apron if nothing is done to stop the Mafia in our ranks and restore the image of the Militant Base  He had written.

Indeed CPMR activists believe that "the identifiable personalities in this case the Head of the Permanent Delegation of the Central Committee for the Mfoundi and the outgoing Mfoundi II MP bound by mafia practices have engaged in the subjugated maneuvers to invest the  unpopular, illegitimate candidates thus trampling on the terms of your circular."