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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cameroont: A plot to shoot down Maurice Kamto revealed

Leave Professor Maurice Kamto alone! Prepare the upcoming elections by fighting for a just electoral code if possible; present your programs or assessments and let the People choose those they value. Do not distract us from the real problems such as the incivism of the state and local elected officials that led to the drama of Bafoussam.

Maurice Kamto wants to make his meeting in Douala, you prevent it. In Yaoundé the same, in Ebolowa also. You chase the bamis and drive them out of your villages. When they return to celebrate theirs and to commune with him during such a hard test, you cry. What do you want exactly? Why do not you create her country apart? Your hatred for this man is going to give you avc.

Continue ... but know above all that like any other citizen and any politician, he has the right to express himself everywhere on the national territory.

You should fight for respect for the freedom to choose, to meet and to engage in politics and not to destroy those who try politics.

There is not and there will never be another unique way of thinking in this country. Evolve as the world around you evolves. Kamerun is no one's plantation. Otherwise, of ALL KAMERUNAIS.

I tell you by looking straight at you. We will not let you kill this man. He made mistakes, but he is no more guilty than Mr. Biya and all his clique of rapists, hijackers and assassins of the Kamerunese dream. Whether you like it or not, Pr Kamto represents a lot for our country. Archangelism is not politics. STOP THE SORCERY AND LISTEN !!!

Listen to the advice of the night so that the day rises brighter.