Monday, November 25, 2019

Cameroon: A student reported murdered in Yaoundé

Jeannette Blanche Ngo Bassingha's body was found dead as a result of an assault.

Jeannette Blanche Ngo Bassingha will never live her first year at university. This young student in first year at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, was found dead, November 22, 2019. Around 5:30 am not far from the locality "end cemetery" in Yaounde, Blanche went to the University of Yaounde II-Soa. Arrival at the scene of the attack around 7am, a white sheet was covered on his corpse. This removed sheet allows us to observe Blanche. She was dressed in sportswear: white tennis, black jogging and a white T-shirt.

She was still wearing her medical glasses.  Blood was noticeable on his face.  Nicks of knives are visible in the chest and the forearm of this girl.  Near it, a taxi registered CE 730 KE is parked.  There are traces of blood on the hood.  Family members are on shock.  They are very slaughtered.  "It's my sister's daughter who was killed.  We are overwhelmed.  We had just paid tuition fees, "explains Joël Nyemb, Blanche's tutor.

It was around 7:30 that two elements of the gendarmerie Ngousso arrived on the scene. Shoes, possibly belonging to his attacker were recovered by one of the gendarmes. The Cameroonian portal of Belgium ( Elements of the Esir had joined the scene of the crime. However, without having established an autopsy by a doctor, it is impossible to move the body. It was finally around 8:30 that a doctor arrived at the scene. In a few minutes, the body of the victim was examined. Photos were also taken. After that, Blanche's body was put behind the Ngousso Brigade car for the morgue of the Central Hospital.

Some investigations of the police on the spot made it possible to find the black bag taken away from Blanche a few meters away. He was behind a garage opposite Petrolex Ngousso. In this bag, we found the books and notebooks of Blanche and the box of his glasses. At the same time, the police embarked a suspect. "We did not even do anything to him. We had to do more than that, "said the suspect to the crowd.

This is the second time, in the space of a month that a body victim of aggression is found in this area. Not far from there, behind the Pétrolex Ngousso station, a young man also lost his life. He was slaughtered. In addition to this, complaints have been regular lately about cases of theft and assault in this part of the city of Yaounde . The Ngousso district would become dangerous.