Friday, November 29, 2019

Cameroon Political Crisis: 'Cabral LIBII has never received or accepted money from power'

I would like here to call some compatriots, especially those declaring themselves members of the MRC, to moderate in their attacks and other acts of disrepute against the leader of the political party of the PCRN, Mr. Cabral LIBII.

It should be noted that we are in a democracy and that Mr. Cabral LIBII is not a militant or a dissident of the MRC to be reproached for not being tied to the decisions of the MRC, even for the great interest of the Cameroonian people. 

Some would justify their remarks in view of some postures, positions or statements of Cabral LIBII that went against those of the MRC and its leader. 

It is fair to admit, except in bad faith, that the leader of the MRC and some members and militants of this party have also made comments lambasting some postures of Mr. Cabral LIBII. 

For example Professor Maurice Kamto, president of the MRC, did not go dead hands to disqualify the procedure of primary opposition proposed by Cabral LIBII before the presidential elections. 

Words, postures. Statements of political leaders against each other are part of the game and political debate.

So there is no need to take offense more than that. 

Competition does exist between opposition parties as well. 

The goal being for each of them to present themselves as the best in order to win, a greater number of voters. 

The opposition is not a single political party. Opponents do not have to agree. Each political party has the right to its identity. 

Today, Mr. Cabral LIBII asked for a postponement of the date of filing of nomination files after listing the undemocratic acts just as disparaged and denounced by the MRC in his speech of non-participation in the legislative and municipal elections of 09 February 2019.

Instead of seeing a consensual finding of opposition to the irregularities of scheduled elections and to be satisfied even if Cabral LIBII, leaves ajar door to the government, some militants of the MRC, find there rather, an opportunity to to deceive in delations. 

I would like to denounce this way of doing things here. 

Personally, I would have preferred a decision to suspend participation in these elections without adopting a new electoral code and settlement of the Anglophone crisis. 

To this end, attacks and other jeers against this leader appear unproductive in the search for a consensual approach in order to obtain the conditions of transparency of the Cameroonian electoral process. 

In addition, I would like to say here that these recurrent accusations against Cabral LIBII, according to which he would benefit from the financing of the Rdpc, are false. I am a very knowledgeable man. I know who is taking the money or not.

Cabral LIBII has never received or accepted money from power. 

Having been close to him during the presidential campaign, it is difficult for him to collect some money to carry out his campaign. 

Moreover, several stages of it have been canceled for lack of money. 

Cabral LIBII is simply a young politician from a young age who has to measure and think a lot about the range of political responsibilities that come his way.