Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Cameroon: In the midst of economic crisis, Paul Biya buys a plane of 19 billion

The Cameroonian lawyer was featured this Sunday on Equinoxe Tv. A private channel broadcasting from Douala in Cameroon. She makes revelations. 

A great television moment. At least, this is the opinion shared by several Cameroonians on the eve of this TV program. Grand guest of the show, "the truth in Face", master Alice Nkom takes the opportunity to come back on some hot topics of Cameroonian news. This is basically what is called the biggest financial scandal in the history of Cameroon. 

In more light, it's the business of buying Paul Biya's plane. A soap opera that leads to prison, several ministers, and close to the system. Surfing on the facts, the human rights activist does not hide her emotions. "It's a shame that you have not been at the trial of Marafa and Yves Michel Fotso ... Those who have been there even the fiercest opponents of these two have said it's difficult." Launch this one. 


Further, she sets the scene on the subject. "Marafa is sued with Fotso for embezzling the sum of 39 million US dollars. This sum is used for the manufacture and purchase of the plane of the President of the Republic. Subsequently, she denounced the idea of ​​Paul Biya to afford the luxury of a plane at such a crucial time in the Cameroonian economy.

"He decides on this purchase at a time when the money supply is within our walls.  This, for mismanagement.  The IMF is trying to clean up the finances to avoid devaluation devaluations.  So he himself started this operation as a child cheating at school.  Who has anecdotes, because he was not allowed to buy a plane at that time. "  Alice Nkom pursues visibly in anger.


 For her, bought a plane for the president at this time there is simply a suicide.  "But he does it during this period."  We also learn from this one, that the old lion entrusts this file to Marafa Hamidou Yaya.  At the material time, he is Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.  In turn, he contacted Yves Michel Fotso, who administers Camair.

He asks him if he can at the request of the president, by negotiating the planes of the Camair, to introduce another file. It's about acquiring a brand new presidential plane. This, "to allow him, to make his displacements. As Ahidjo did with a plane that is still there, called the Pelican. Paul Biya never wanted to get on this plane for his own reasons. " Indicates the lawyer.

Source: Actucameroun.com