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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Cameroon: the big problem of teachers in English-speaking area

Teachers from the English-speaking North-East region are mobilizing against the violence they are subjected to. They demonstrated this Friday, October 8 on the campus of the University of Bamenda. This violence is attributed to secessionist activists who have been operating in the area for several years.

This week, a teacher at this university was kidnapped. One day later, one of his colleagues was shot at. Two attacks in a week. The teachers at the University of Bamenda can not take it anymore. Yesterday they demonstrated on their campus and planned a three-day strike next week to alert the authorities. 

"We have been working in difficult security conditions for three years," says Llang Michael Kpughe, head of the teachers union. "This is not the first time that teachers have received threats from armed men who have ordered them to stop teaching as these groups fight for secession in the region. For now, no one has resigned yet, but for security reasons some have moved to other cities and come discreetly to teach at the university and then leave again quickly. "

These teachers require more security around the campus but also on the roads that lead to it. A year ago, one of their colleague was killed while on his way to work. 

At the time the separatist groups had ordered the closure of all schools. And this until the government holds a referendum on the self-determination of Anglophone majority regions.