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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Buea: arrested since August, journalist Samuel Wazizi reportedly Killed?

Media professionals in the South West region doubt that their colleague, Samuel Wazizi, arrested in Buea, is still alive, following unsuccessful efforts to find him.

On Tuesday, November 2, members of the Cameroon Union of Southwest Journalists were in court to show their support for their detained colleague.  Fako High Court President Mbonge Wilson dismissed Habeas Corpus filed by Wazizi's lawyers.  A rejection described by the defense team as biased and unfair.

Arrested on 2 August 2019 by Muea police in Buea, Wazizi was reportedly transferred to an unknown detention center where he was held incommunicado.

Is Wazizi Samuel really alive?  From Muea police station to the central police station in Buea no more than 15 minutes ago.  How is it that from August 2 to November, Samuel Wazizi has not yet arrived at the central police, "exclaimed a worried colleague.

On 13 August, the Committee for the Protection of Journalists requested the release of the CMTA Buea.

According to a statement posted on CMTV's Facebook page on August 6, what is being arrested at 11:00 am on August 2 by Muea police who "claimed that he was being asked for information  the newspaper.

According to the CMTV statement, the police said that Wazizi was arrested as part of "the ongoing English-speaking armed conflict," and the police refused to allow his colleagues to see him in detention.