Friday, November 22, 2019

Bolloré wants to bring down the computer system of the port of Douala

Aware of its influence peddling and corrupt practices can no longer prosper with regard to the offer of TIL, which opened the eyes to Cameroonians, Bolloré who has never invested anything in Cameroon, engages in a vast sabotage campaign of the computer system of the Douala Bonabéri Container Terminal. He has brought barbouzes from France to realize this fatal and pitiful task.

Phillipe Labonne in Cameroon to sabotage the computer system of the Douala container terminal. 

This low maneuver of the bad loser is piloted by Philippe Labonne Director Africa of BTL. He joined the biggest computer hackers in France to make the container terminal of Douala Bonabérie ungovernable on the evening of December 31, 2019, the date of the end of the 15-year concession granted to him on the said Harbor. For the past two days, he has been dismantling the entire IT system and parks at DIT's Regional Office. 

It is necessary to stop net Bolloré in this approach because these goods are the property of the State of Cameroon at the end of the provisions of the concession agreement, failing which it should be pursued for embezzlement of public funds. 

This computer equipment should return to the State of Cameroon at the end of the concession.

Faithful to his condescending and paternalistic attitude, and always seeing himself as the Master in the famous French meadow, even though this era is over, Bolloré is not embarrass not to violate the provisions of the specifications.

Such is the case of Article 48 of the concession agreement, which provides that all equipment installed by the concessionaire will be wholly owned by the State of Cameroon.

 Article 48

"In the event of the dealer's bankruptcy or cessation of business for any other reason, the licensor has a right of first refusal over all the dealer's equipment and materials.  In addition, the concessionaire is required to make available to the licensor the organization and all personnel assigned to operate the service for a period not exceeding six months ".

It is appropriate for the authorities of the Autonomous Port of Douala to take all the measures to put an end to these acts of barbarity without prejudice to the penal prosecution, because Cameroon is the preserve of nobody as indicated well the President of the Republic.

Source: Evening N ° 971