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Monday, November 4, 2019

Bafoussam: Stanley Enow to hold a free concert for victims

The event will take place at the beginning of the year 2020 announced the rapper during his visit to the scene of the tragedy 

The cries of distress and the lamentations of the victims of the tragedy of Gouache, district of the city of Bafoussam, in the Western region, were heard by the entire nation. Since then, national solidarity is on the move. On the scene of the tragedy, we have been witnessing for a few days, a constant broom of personalities come to share the sorrow of the bereaved families. The Gouache district, which, against its will, has become a tourist attraction has welcomed in a matter of days, politicians, ministers, civil society organizations and artists-musicians. Among them was multi-award winning rapper Stanley Enow. 

On Friday, November 1, 2019, the author of the hit song "Hein Father!", Who spent most of his teenage years in the Western Regional Capital, came to crush a tear at the scene of the war. 'incident, along with Western Region Governor Awa Fonkam Augustine' I am very devastated. Because Bafoussam saw me grow up. it's the city that gave me everything. it's that part of the world that rocked me. When things like these happen, it's so sad. I was going through these neighborhoods when I was at the bilingual high school in Bafoussam to go home. These are neighborhoods that I furrowed, "he said.

Before leaving, he promised that he would return in a few months to organize a giant and free concert, the proceeds of which would be donated to the families of the victims "as an artist and a young activist I came and  I saw.  It's hard to talk because people are dead.  There is no one who decides to live in precariousness, these people have no choice.  With my team, we think we are doing something special.  God gave me the gift of the song.  I think that for 2020, we will organize a free and grandiose concert at the Bafoussam stadium.  All these funds will be used for the families of the victims, "he concluded.

 For the record, in the night of 28 to 29 October 2019, a landslide likely caused by the heavy rain that hit the city of Bafoussam that night, killed 43 people and ravaged a dozen houses  in the Gouache district.