Thursday, November 14, 2019

Audit: all you need to know about Paul Biya's Appointments

On November 6, the old lion signs a decree appointing technical advisers, auditors, but also the heads of division of this ministry which watches over the public fortune.

The decree of Paul Biya, appoints two technical advisers. These are Ndzo Celestin Ngung and Aboubakary Modibo Amadou. In this presidential text there are two listeners, in the person of Dieudonné Kimaka and Juliana Mesue Mbende Ngoumbah. For the three heads of division, it is George Edo'o Angounou, Rose Djilla born Kouayi Kemajou and Hassan. The ministry in charge of the superior control of the State, falls under the presidency of the Republic.

It controls the management of all public structures. We are talking about departments and other public enterprises. Since October 2, 2015, this ministry is headed by Mbah Acha born Fomundam Rose Ngwari. For the record, in the 1990s and 1996, the Consupe and administrative reform came out of the bosom of the presidency of the Republic.


The two then form, with the public service, a large ministry. Its current form and structure emanate from Decree No. 2005/374 of 11 October 2005. The decree provides for the organization of the State Supreme Audit Services, the current name of the institution. For better understanding, the State Supreme Audit Office may, on the instructions of the President of the Republic, carry out checks.

This, with private bodies pursuing an object having a link with the public service, and having a strategic nature for the economy or national defense. According to Cameroon Tribune the government daily, the Consupe performs a conformity and regularity check. He ensures the financial control, but also that of performance. Environmental control and control of information systems are not left out.