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Friday, November 8, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Security spending in Cameroon increases

A year after his oath, the social climate is precarious in the country of Paul and Chantal Biya.

In the seventh year of great opportunities, peace and security are threatened by crises. Four major regions of the country suffer the martyrdom of war. Despite this, Yaoundé has just placed three regions as "economically damaged areas". It is a decree signed by Dion Ngute, the Prime Minister who finds that. 

The law of the head of the Cameroonian government dates from September 2, 2019. This decree of the prime minister, encourages companies to settle in regions troubled by conflict. Important exemptions in counterpart too. In particular, in terms of taxes and duties for a period of three years. Meanwhile, the state pays the costs. 

War expenses 

The State of Cameroon pays the costs in the war expenses. He buys processions of war vehicles. He deploys hundreds of soldiers and gendarmes to the front. Expenditures also go into the purchase of weapons and ammunition. So basically, the bill of security expenses is salty.

In 2019, there is a sharp increase in the budget allocated to the defense. In 2018, the portion of the budget devoted to this defense amounts to 238.9 billion CFA francs. Segment in this way, 124.2 billion to strengthen the defense of the territory. 60.5 billion for participation in the protection of persons and property. 

Increase in 2019 

The envelope knows a good deal in 2019. It rises to 247.4 billion CFA francs. We note among other things, pockets of spending 129.5 billion francs for strengthening the defense of the territory. 61 billion francs for participation in the protection of people and property.