Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Common Wealth Secretaries and AU Commission Chairman arrived Cameroon to meet with Paul Biya

The African Union commission chairman, Musa Faki Mahamat and Common Wealth Secretaries have arrived Cameroon to meet with president Paul Biya to discuss about the ongoing crisis in Anglophone regions of Cameroon.
Musa Faki was accused of continues silent on the armed conflict rocking the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Report says the commission were together with LRC during German colonial rule. That is why there is Alfred Saker in Limbe and coll├Ęge Alfred Saker Alfred  in Deido. Chief Manga William of Victoria and Duala Manga Bell in Duala.

The chairman also reported to have sacked his ambassador to the US because of her rebuking one of the worst colonial masters of Africa.