Friday, November 29, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: British urges secessionists to ceasefire

This is the non-governmental organization Waging Peace. "Stop losing your energy and your breath in something that will never happen," says the NGO to Ambazonians.

For the newspaper Anecdote the separatists are pushed to their limits. "If we reveal the whole truth, we will be considered terrorists and the revolution will die; and we will never go home. " Statement on Facebook by Tapang Ivo Tanku, one of the secessionist leaders hidden in the United States. He continues, "Chris Anu must stop revealing all our dirty secrets in public." There is therefore an open war between Ambazonian leaders. 

They blame themselves for the atrocities committed on civilian populations. But also, social infrastructure and defense forces. Secessionists are now facing another reality. "While they mocked the Grand National Dialogue convened by the Head of State last September, on the grounds that only the Swiss mediation had a casting vote to convene talks with the government, other discouraging bell sounds arrive from unsuspected places ". Write the Anecdote. 

Civilian population

The Swiss government believes that mediation is possible if we only talk about the return of peace in Cameroon. The Swiss government thus excludes any idea of ​​partition of Cameroon. This even in its virtual form. As if that is not enough, a British NGO, Waging Peace, has just seized French President Macron. 

The organization founded by Rebecca Tinsley calls secessionists a change of approach. "Stop losing your energy and your breath in something that will never happen." The NGO expresses itself about the independence of the English-speaking parties. The NGO also points out the separatists' right to the abuses committed on the civilian population.