Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: After Paul Biya's regime announced his death, the Ambazonian chief Field Marshall makes his appearance again

This time, we discover it, under the cap of the new traditional chief of Essoh-Attah, a village in the southwest region of Cameroon.

As the risen Jesus, Field Marshall has just made his appearance. An act that comes almost 10 months after the announcement of his death by the Cameroonian government. This time, he combines his rebel head cap with that of traditional Essoh-Attah leader. It is a village located in the region of southwest Cameroon.

He chooses a symbolic day in his return. October 1, 2019. This is the day of celebration of "independence", the imaginary state of Ambazonia. "On the esplanade of the royal palace of Essoh-Attah, in the Southwest region, a man dressed in a military fatigues wearing the insignia of the Cameroonian army made his appearance. His green beret hardly veils his face: it is Field Marshall, the commander of the "Red dragons" of Lebialem. Writes the journal Jeune Afrique.

"I am the leader of Lebialem"

It is indeed a triumphal return for the warlord of this militia. His organization is one of the most virulent in the Anglophone conflict. An amateur camera films his staging. In the video, we discover around the fighters all armed. They take part in his enthronement as a traditional leader of Essoh-Attah. In the wake, the last inhabitants of the village acclaim. Essoh-Attah, is this isolated village in the heart of the Southwest very mired in the crisis.

For Jeune Afrique, this return is cleverly prepared. The proof, his induction speech as a traditional leader is a true statement of authority. "I am the leader of Lebialem" I love my people, and I will not let anyone harm them. Anyone who comes to bother you in this village, let me know and he will know who Field Marshall is. A seductive speech that conceals a "reign" announcing itself under the sign of submission or death. "Reads in the newspaper.

Source: Actucameroun