Friday, November 29, 2019

Ambazonia: Vice President announced the creation of Amba BOA bank

Credible sources in the Interim Government of Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) confirmed that Vice President Dabney Yerima would announce today the creation of "BANQUE D'AMBAZONIA (BOA) and Chairman of the Board of Governors today 25 November 2019. The Bank of Ambazonia, AKA "The Njangi Ambazonian House" is an informal semi-autonomous and all-inclusive organized financial structure (ghost bank) with credible representatives of the components of the revolution, which will provide Ambazonian people and communities with alternative but secure sources of finance for the restoration of southern Cameroon without generating additional systemic risk.

Our sources are informed that this decision is guided by the wise counsel of the international community, by the Americans, and by the encouraging statements of the Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy. The Provisional Government is quickly learning to adapt to the rapidly changing nature of the quest for restoration in southern Cameroon. After listening to calls for a more accountable, transparent and inclusive financial structure to better mobilize the resources needed to fund our restoration, the Provisional Government has chosen to return to fundamentals and implement what has worked best for the South Cameroon community over the last 58 years. 

"The successive murderous regimes in Cameroon have resulted in the closure of Cameroon's venerable Cameroonian bank and other major financial institutions that have served our communities and limited our people's access to money and formal financial institutions. However, they underestimated the innovation and resilience of our people to survive in this system. The sheer will to survive and develop our communities over the last 58 years of occupation has resulted in the creation of a very robust appeal to the informal financial sector, "NJANGI HOUSES" (Ghost Banks), which has revolutionized economic development and self-reliance of our people. mutually, "said Brado Tabenyang Etchu, Secretary of State for the Economy and Finance. 

Most of the development and education of communities in southern Cameroon has been made possible through the recipes of NJANGI HOUSES. Residents of southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) are once again facing similar but monumental challenges in their quest to restore their independence. The international community and the major financial institutions have put an end to access to funding for the community of Southern Cameroon to help them continue this war of liberation of colonial Cameroon.

The interim government has concluded that we are alone and that we must rely on our own innovative ways to finance this quest for liberation. Nothing has made our people and communities more empowered than our innovative NJANGI HOUSE initiatives. inspiration that guided the interim government in the constitution of the people's bank. 

"We must leave the enemy puzzled, because a bank gives us another element of surprise and institutional credibility" The government of Cameroon engages and mortgages our resources to continue its genocidal war against our people and we can not continue to monitor without do nothing and do nothing, "noted VP Dabney Yerima. 

The Bank, through its Board of Governors, will immediately certify the issuance of AmbaFreedomBonds (AFB) at a high interest rate generating high interest for the sale. The proceeds from the sale of these bonds will go to finance the revolution. We will assume these responsibilities to defend and provide humanitarian assistance to our refugees and internally displaced persons and these responsibilities will be part of any negotiations with the Government of Cameroon and the world must take note of them. Southern Cameroonians are encouraged to own part of their country and sponsor the purchase of these bonds to finance the fight by visiting 

The consolidators / sales agents will be used with a commission based on bonds redeemed at the date of sale. maturity of the obligation. Your link, your freedom!