Friday, November 1, 2019

Ambazonia: Secessionists threatened Patrick Ekema's family with death

Amba boys to boycott Ekema's burial as they said no  "traitor will be buried on our territory" 

His remains do not deserve the ambazonian soil comfort that preserves the bodies of our fallen soldiers

They also asked is family to vacate all the properties in the name of Patrick Ekema 

Late Buea Mayor, Patrick Ekema 

With the death of Patrick Ekema, Cameroon lost one of the most important figures in the fight against the secession. For Minister Gregoire Owona, who was also one of his colleagues in the ruling CPDM, the former mayor of Buea "was a great patriot and committed citizen". On the side of Ambazonian secessionists who campaign for the total and unconditional autonomy of the English-speaking regions of the country, Patrick Ekema was a traitor to his own cause.

For this, the government of the puppet republic of ambazonia is convinced that the former mayor of Buea who hung up his scarf last Sunday, must pay, even posthumously, his collaboration assumed with the Yaounde regime.

In a statement issued Tuesday, October 29, 2019 by Ayaba Cho Lucas, who presents himself as the president of the Ambazonia Governement Council, order was given to the Amba Boys, armed arm of secession, to boycott the funeral tributes that will be organized in the locality where Patrick Ekema was born, and to desecrate his grave if despite everything he managed to be buried. "No collaborator or facilitator will be buried on our territory. I ordered our forces to interrupt the traitor's burial. His remains do not deserve the ambazonian soil comfort that preserves the bodies of our fallen soldiers. The burial that will house the body of Mr. Ekema will not only be desecrated.

Apart from the remains of the former Mayor, Ambazonians also threaten to attack his family. "It is advisable for Mr. Ekema's family to leave all his properties immediately. These are now the target of our defense forces who are preparing for an active campaign to completely erase every memory of Mr. Ekema left in the ambazonia, "he added

And to finish by announcing that "all those who continue to collaborate with the Yaoundé regime will suffer the same fate "