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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Yaoundé: billionaire Mamy Nyanga huge surprised to 500 Hausa women

The CEO of Franco Hotel has trained 500 Hausa women to set up small income-generating projects and to launch the hairdressing salons, backpacks and sales counters of the donuts. This is the continuation of the Master Class concept launched 4 years ago by Françoise Puené said Mamy Nyanga.

After the great North of Cameroon where she trained and helped 1500 women, Mamy Nyanga hit the ground in Yaounde.  She answered the call of 500 Haoussa women from Yaounde on October 13, 2019. She shared her experience of training Baya sellam, but a billionaire today, with more than 500 Hausa women.

In an hour-long talk, Mamy Nyanga showed her sisters how to set up a project to get money. And how she left Bayam sellam 20 years ago, billionaire today. Françoise Puéné was applauded at the House of the CPDM party of Nkomkana in Yaounde. She did not come empty-handed.  Mamy Nyanga provided Hausa with equipment to equip their sewing salons, hairdressing salons, tournedos, and haberdashery.

The humanist businesswoman has released more than 10 million francs to accompany her Haoussa sisters in Yaounde. Present at the talk, the mayor of Yaounde II and the sub-prefect who is aware of this fact that supports the state in the management of the poor.

 Source: Realities Plus.  No. 0080