Thursday, October 31, 2019

This is what Samuel Eto'o says about joining politics

The Legend footballer said No to politics

Former Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o gave an interview to AFP in which he said he has no intention of returning to politics in the image of the other international Liberian, George Weah. 

"Everyone wants me to do politics, but there will not be 10 million Weah," Eto'o said in an exclusive interview with AFP. George Weah, a former Liberian international and only African player to win the Golden Ball, became President of the Republic of Liberia last year. For Samuel Eto'o, "everyone is born with their own star. At some point, everyone gets involved in politics, but for the moment it does not interest me. "

"A lot of people may say it's an idea I have, but I tell them it does not exist in my mind right now. But every citizen has the right. If you want to stand up, no one will stop you. But in our country, it's like it's something reserved for some people. Personally, it's not a goal. " 

At 38, the former indomitable lion retired to football after an accomplished career. He has won several prestigious competitions including the UEFA Champions League twice with Barcelona and once again with Inter Milan.