Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Looking into Paul Biya's hasty departure from Lyon

Less than 48 hours after the summit of Cameroon, the Cameroonian presidential couple, who often made the habit of prolonging their stay abroad, and slowly and discreetly left Yaounde at the end of the month.  afternoon of Saturday.  Apart from the red carpet ritual at Nsimalen Airport, there are no big crowds and traditional dance groups all along the street.  This means that the protocol and propaganda service was taken by surprise.

As at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva, where Paul Biya had to quickly pack his bags to leave France under the threat of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade and the Amazons.

For this official visit to France, President Paul Biya not only has left with his bodyguards, but also is protected by the SDLP, which is a service of the French National Police, responsible for, among others,  heads of state and personalities in France.

Nevertheless, the Cameroonian president Paul Biya was the target of Cameroonian activists of the Anti-Sardinards Brigade and Amazons who managed to disrupt all the security apparatus of the peninsula of Lyon.  Clashes between some protest groups and other pro-Biya on the one hand, and between the gorillas and activists on the other, which resulted in serious injuries.  Demonstrations against Paul Biya's stay in the city of Lyon from 08 to 10 October 2019 for the Sixth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, were relayed by the press and important French television channels like BFM.  A first!

Lyon City Hall, where the activities of the Pandemic Summit took place from October 9 to 10, and the residence of Paul Biya at the Intercontinental Hotel, have been transformed into places of security forces.  And all around, and everywhere in the city of Lyon, Cameroonians bursting their anger and waving banners.

Paul Biya back home to Cameroon You are not ashamed to protect a bedridden murderer? We ask Emmanuel Macron, accomplice of these acts, not to receive the criminals, the genocidaires on the  French territory ", chanted the demonstrators in front of the city hall of Lyon and then in front of the residence of the chief of the Cameroonian state.  Paul Biya and his wife who were very uncomfortable in front of the cameras and cell phones directed at them.

After the summit, the Amazons joined their respective residences.  But General Wanto, General El Chenou, Commander Calibri Calibro, and other leaders of the protests extended their stay in Lyon to detect where Paul Biya was hiding, to control his deeds and actions, to program other assaults.  Ultimatum was launched by activists to leave France before the weekend.  Paul Biya was forced to return to Cameroon, with the help of the deceased.  his caviar and perform his checkup.

  Reporter: REMY NGONO