Thursday, October 17, 2019

The MRC ready to organize a march this October 20th

'We still call for the immediate release of all these citizens'

The announcement was made by Dr. Boutché Jean Pierre, university teacher and secretary of the communal federation of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon in the city of Maroua.

Indeed, in an interview with ABK Radio on October 16, 2019, the politician spoke about the health of the party (MRC) in the city of Maroua, not without returning to the peaceful march they intend to organize in support of their political friend, Mamadou Mota.

How is the MRC in Maroua since the liberation of the activists and the president of your party ?? 

Here in Maroua, there is a feeling of calm. A double feeling can be read in hearts and faces: the first feeling is the relief that some of our political friends whose freedom was stolen in violation of the Constitution of Cameroon and in violation of ratified international treaties on freedoms and human rights, have been released. We have seen that people have been partly released and the relief is there, there is nevertheless a feeling of regret to see that some are still embassed including our political friend, the great leader, Mamadou Mota.

In this regard, you are planning to organize a peaceful march of support to Mamadou MOTA on October 20th in the Far North, is this true ??

Exactly?! The declaration document has already been signed and deposited in the relevant departments. We want to organize a support march and this is happening with the public declaration of manifestation. As recommended by the laws of the Republic.

It is a right, it is an expression of freedom and for us, it is legitimate to give all our support to Mamadou Mota. I would like to emphasize, however, that this is not to obstruct justice, since it was made clear in the statement that it is a question of seeing Mr. Mamadou Mota benefit from the discontinuation of the proceedings, since was arrested, embassy and even injured, tortured in the context of the legitimate challenges of the past presidential election.

Have the "MRCistes?" Activists in the North already drafted their letter of thanks to the Head of State for releasing your president ?? 

Here in the North, we perceive this partial release as a withdrawal, because, it must be remembered, they were arrested, sequestered, quarantined in violation of the constitutional provisions and that is unacceptable ?! Perhaps we can say that there is a little political gallantry if not some diplomatic pressure exerted on the regime in place, the judicial machine in the pay of the regime in place has withdrawn it is like that we see the thing. But we regret because it must be said to the Cameroonian people that we arrested are fathers, they have not seen their children, their wives for several months and it is not normal. And for the case of Mamadou Mota who is an agricultural engineer whose population of the Far North in general needs for its know-how, for its relationships, for its achievements, for the sustainable development of our communities, we fail to understand that a country that wants to emerge can embastish for nothing, resources while we need these resources out. So, we still call for the immediate release of all these citizens, starting with Mr. Mamadou Mota.

You have written and filed your statement of event for October 20th. Tell us, what will happen if it is rejected ??

What are you going to do?? Will you still walk despite the ban, or will you submit to the decision of the administration ?? 

You know, the MRC is a republican party and the political education that we have, has always led us to negotiations with the administration, when the time comes we will take our responsibilities. We are in great mobilization, people call me everywhere, to know how to attend this mobilization. We do not foresee a retreat because to glimpse a refusal is to trust the non-respect of the constitution to the non-respect of the provisions on freedom of association and manifestation.

Do not you think that a peaceful march of "MRCistes" in support of Mamadou Mota can still threaten the already fragile peace in Cameroon? 

I would like Cameroonians to try to think otherwise, to ask the questions differently. What does the constitution provide? What do the laws of the Republic say ?? Because we must not accept these methods of the illegitimate regime, with administrators who give themselves the right to invent risks of disturbance to public order whenever the opposition wants to be heard. We have made our commitments as responsible citizens, to make a peaceful march, nobody has the monopoly of patriotism. There are some who think that they like Cameroon more than others and systematically declare other groups as disordered. It is for us today to enforce the laws we have given ourselves and that is what we expect from our authorities.