Monday, October 21, 2019

The current battle between Maurice Kamto and René Sadi

After his comrades of the party in power (Jean Kuete, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Rdpc and Jacques Fame Ndongo, National Secretary for Communication of the same party) it was the turn of the Minister of Communication (MINCOM), René Sadi  Friday morning at the exit of Maurice Kamto, Wednesday, on French radio RFI.

The President of the Republic, Paul Biya, President of the Republic, who has recently taken a measure of abandonment of the prosecution against  Some activists and officials of the MRC, thus making possible the release of its opponent and its milliters and allies, with the claim to have been made.

Indeed, in his interview with RFI journalist Carine Frenck, Maurice Kalto, and his friends, even though he notices that Paul Biya might not have decided to abandon the prosecution.  In other words, he argues that their freedom was due to them, since their arrest and imprisonment were arbitrarily and unfairly, respectively.

Moreover, the leader of the MRC has reiterated the conclusions of the Grand National Dialogue, which he has considered to be late and has also solved the problem of the multiple crises gripping Cameroon.  And the answer to the question of the election of 2018, just 24 hours after the election, asked for a reform of the electoral system and announced the continuation of the Plan of "National Resistance" Which led to  his arrest and that of more than 600 people between January and June.

Even if many of his supporters judge the tone of the Law Clerk rather moderate, see timorous, compared to their expectations and their willingness to fight the possible with the regime of President Biya, the words of Professor Kamto, not visibly removed from the positions of  Minister Sadi to the highest degree, hence the scathing reaction on Friday, the government member on the antennas of the government radio and television, CRTV.

Biya's minister warns the "president-elect" against "This timeless posture of proud with arms and borders on impudence and boasting"

Mr Sadi thus denounced "the reactions of the other beneficiaries, in this case those of certain Mrc officials", which "seemed to us somewhat ambiguous," as was first noticed by their statements, especially the recent one of Mr. Maurice Kamto in an interview  with Radio France Internationale. "

"But that's not enough," he said, "we were not surprised by this issue." It is clearly part of a logic that is his own and that of supporters, perhaps not all, since the proclamation of the presidential election.  A logic of extremeism, of the radicalism advocated on the claim of an alleged victory, a miracle, a miracle,  obviously did not happen, but we do not regret this stubbornness.  of our fellow citizens. "

Stop the "ingratitude"

The spokesman of the government asserts that "it is true that it is true that the following measures are taken by the President of the United States of America.  a little bit a sovereign and magnanimous act of the head of the State, which participates in a permanent approach to a permanent peace and stability in Cameroon. "

And Rene Sadi, moralizing, to conclude that "Seen from this angle, it seems to me that Kamto and some go-to-war among his supporters did not know how to take the full measure and the meaning of presidential clemency,  However, the opinion and the opinion of the international community are rightly hailed, and what is important is that this clamor for this satisfaction has been both internally and externally before and after the great national dialogue.