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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

'The Biya diet sacrificed Ekema because he has lots of secrets in his belly' Journalist Michel Biem Tong Concluded

This is the conclusion of journalist Michel Biem Tong after the sudden death of Mayor Buéa Patrick Ekéma in Douala. For the journalist turned activist, Patrick Ekema is an example of courage and temerity against secessionists. He was in the good graces of the Biya regime for the guts he had and so he got a guard close to the army teeth, reveals Michem Biem Tong in a post whose editorial Cameroonweb offers full. 

As a Christian, it is indecent to rejoice in misfortune, worse still, the death of others. But when you have participated in state terrorism and the massacre of a people who only demand justice, freedom and respect for their sovereignty in the face of an annexation, the blood of the victims will demand revenge sooner or later. 

The mayor of Buea (English-speaking South West), Ekema Patrick, whose news of death by poisoning (other reports mention a stroke) has been circulating since Sunday morning 27/10/2019, was one of the many faces of the crackdown by the criminal regime of Yaounde on the English-speaking people of Southern Cameroons since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in October 2016. 

For love of the Biya regime, for the benefits of its position of mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick fought to excess his brothers anglophones who are fighting for the restoration of Southern Cameroons whose France and his sub-prefects that was Ahidjo and that is Biya, confiscated the independence granted by the United Nations.

On September 22, 2017, as people peacefully protested in favor of the restoration of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia, Patrick Ekema seized a weapon and shot down one of the demonstrators who threw stones at his home in Buea. 

Patrick Ekema was also used by the power of Yaoundé to seal the shops of those who, in Buea, obeyed the words of orders of dead city launched by the independence government in exile. Ekema was also at the head of a militia that sowed terror and death among the population of Buea and around and the wrong was attributed to the genuine armed separatists. 

For the Biya regime, which played the Ekema card thoroughly, it was an example of courage and recklessness against "secessionist terrorists". That's what got him to be ennobled by the guardians of the beti tradition a few months ago. That's why he had a close-armed guard armed to the teeth that followed him everywhere.

But the tragedy is that when you are serving a rogue regime like that of Yaounde and you do not bring him the expected result, he decides to sacrifice you because you have plenty of secrets in your belly. There is also the blood of the innocent that you poured ends up getting revenge. Notice to those "enablers", these anglophones used by the power of Yaounde to fight their own brothers. Know that you are serving a cold monster particularly ungrateful and ruthless. When the mafia regime of Yaoundé needs your services, he adulates you and makes you king. When you're no longer useful to him, he gets rid of you like an old sock. And that's what happened to Patrick Ekema. Who's next ?