Saturday, October 12, 2019

The anointing of Emmanuel Macron to Paul Biya 'well piped in advance'

On the occasion of the Sixth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria that is currently taking place in Lyon, Emmanuel Macron is to hold talks Thursday with Paul Biya, dictator in power in Cameroon since years, in order to discuss the political situation in his country. What denounces the association "Survival"

"This privileged tête-à-tête comes as the regime is still fighting a war against the English-speaking minority of its country, and that individual and collective freedoms continue to be routinely violated", remarks the association Survie.

A "Biyalogue" piped in advance

The Elysee thus brings to the regime the anointing of international legitimacy necessary after the parody of "national dialogue" organized last week (and renamed by the Cameroonians the "Biyalogue") to drown the legitimate demands of dialogue on the origins of the " Anglophone crisis ". French diplomacy can not ignore, however, that there are many other political prisoners and that the deliberately unclear conclusions of this "great national dialogue", largely remote controlled by the Cameroonian government, will not end the war in the country. English speaking regions.

For Thomas Borrel, Survie spokesman, "the release of the opponent Maurice Kamto and a hundred of his supporters a few hours after the closure of this" Biyalogue "is not enough to make a regime that has repressive policies pushed to war, killing at least 2,000 people and half a million internally displaced persons and refugees abroad, and whose army, which has always benefited from French military cooperation, burnt down and razed dozens of villages. "

Today more than yesterday, Paul Biya is one of those dictators" friends of France "Emmanuel Macron should avoid if he had, as some had thought, intention to break with French Africa .